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Accelerate Your Education With Degrees in a Dash

Are you an adult looking to return to school, but dreading the thought of spending years in a classroom? Do you wish to avoid accumulating massive debt typically associated with higher education? You're in the right place.


This program is specially designed for:

Adults returning to school who value time and financial efficiency.

Anyone looking to pivot in their career or advance their education without the traditional time commitment.

Older adults seeking to minimize debt and maximize return on their educational investment.

Don't Let Time or Money Hold You Back

Your aspirations for further education and a fulfilling career shouldn't be shelved due to time or financial constraints. It's time to embrace a solution that respects both.

About Dashana

Hey it's your girl Dashana, and I've revolutionized the way adults return to school. After successfully obtaining my Master's in Psychology in an astonishing 12 weeks with a system I developed, I'm here to guide you through achieving similar results. For as little as $3,000, you can transform your educational and professional future without the burdens of time and financial constraints.

What You’ll Get In Degrees In A Dash

Why Choose This Path?

Fast-Track Your Education: Get accredited degrees in as little as 12 weeks, designed for adults who can't afford to spend years in school.

Minimize Debt: Learn how to select programs with lower tuition costs, reducing or eliminating the need for student loans.

Tailored Guidance: Receive personalized advice on picking the right programs that align with your career goals and financial situation.

Proven System: Follow a tested and proven system that guarantees success, as long as you stick to it—just like I did.

What You’ll Do Before the Webinar

Complete the Discovery Form

Outline Your Educational Goals

Assess Your Time Commitment

Reflect on Your Financial Investment

What Happens During the Webinar

Your educational and career goals.

How my system can be tailored to your needs.

The logistics of obtaining your degree in a fraction of the usual time and cost.

Answer any questions you may have about the program and process.

What Changes After You Join

Customized Enrollment Blueprint

Access to Exclusive Educational Resources

One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Financial Aid Navigation Assistance

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Get Your Degree!